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Size Does Matter! Biggest Diamond in the World

Lesedi la Rona is the largest gem quality rough diamond to be found in more than a century. Its name translates to "Our Light", whats even more dazzling is that it is estimated to be 3 billion years old! This stone is a very important find, maybe even the most important find in over 100 years. it is almost a miracle that this diamond was even found and it is completely astonishing.

Largest Diamond in The World

Weighing in at 1,109 carats or more simply, half a pound, this diamond was found in a Botswana mine during November 2015 by a Canadian mining company. The value of this diamond will not be known until it is cut, but it may never be cut or at least in our lifetimes. 

Biggest Rough Diamond Found in 100 Years Is a Collectors Item and May Never be Polished

The Lesedi la Rona diamond has so many unique qualities that it is a collectors item and some believe it should never be polished and cut, they believe it is unique and one of a kind as is. If it does get polished it very well may be the largest gem quality polished diamond in the world, depending on how it gets cut and polished.

Fist Sized Rough Diamond To Be Auctioned

The Lesedi la Rona will be auctioned and is expected to be sold for $70 million later this month. we will update you on when and where it is being sold and for how much it was eventually sold!

The Lesedi la Rona diamond
The Lesedi la Rona Diamond