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Argyle pink hint, hue, argyle type fancy diamonds!

Argyle Diamonds… A Representation of Earth’s Natural Phenomenon! 


Every Argyle Pink is earth’s natural phenomenon. There are different colors for Argyle pink diamonds. This is because they are completely natural (100%) and not changed in any manner. 

Argyle pinks must not be compared to synthetic diamonds whose color has been enhanced or coated, as their value is determined by natural color and rarity.

Source of Color

It is not precisely known how they acquire their color and the topic is still being debated. However, it is believed that the color is acquired as an outcome of unusual pressure under the surface of the Earth. As the diamonds are raised closer to the earth by pressure, it is thought that their pattern form becomes transformed, therefore refracting light and emitting color.

As pressure raises the diamonds closer to the surface, it is believed that their lattice structure becomes altered, thus refracting light and producing color. Argyle Pink diamonds at times also produce blue or violet diamonds, though this fact is not well known.

It is believed that these diamonds whose color is rare get their color in similar way. However, the extra trace elements that are most probably nitrogen, nickel and hydrogen change their color further.

These blends of pressure and extra elements, makes them exceptional and very diverse from other blue diamonds that come from different areas of the globe. The real origin of the color in Argyle diamonds remains unknown. However, it is known that the pink diamond comes from one hundred miles deep inside the Earth. It is so amazing that it cannot be compared to anything in terms of color and brightness and it is a lot precious than its white. 

Why Argyle Diamonds are Special

Argyle Pink Diamonds are a real sign of mysterious beauty and the ideal substitute for a white diamond, in case you are searching for a ring which is totally unique, that will portray your individual style and imagination, instead of conforming to tradition.

It is necessary for you to see these treasures so as to value their brilliance as they are more than incredible! Remember that these diamonds are extremely exceptional and have their personal grading system. 

The loveliness and intensity of Argyle Pink Diamonds is mostly determined by the stone color’s richness, such as cherry blossom pink, delicate blush and vivid purplish pink as well as intense fancy red at times. 

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