Be Educated about Fancy Colored Diamonds

Diamonds can have different colors, varying from almost colorless to yellow and even brown. Some diamonds are colored due to the natural processes that created them, due to elements like nitrogen and boron. Diamonds are different one from another, not only due to their various colors, but also due to their shapes and even polish. Almost all colored fancy diamonds are cut into all sorts of shapes. However, the most beautiful are the ones that are cut in a certain way that makes them reflect the light. If we speak of a stone that is colored cutting it deeper may lead to an intensification of the color.

Specialists must know all technical strategies needed to cut correctly a stone. Moreover, and what can prove to be more important, they must have a sense of beauty and appreciation towards it. A specialist can transform a normal stone into a unique, extremely beautiful, and amazingly shaped stone.

Color is the most important criteria for establishing the beauty and value of a rock. The four factors of establishing this are: hue, saturation, tone and last but not least, distribution. Hue represents the actual color of a rock, and it can vary from blue, indigo, red, yellow, orange, and green to even white (colorless). A diamond can have a dominant color. When speaking about tone, we speak about how much gray; brown and white is present in the rock. Saturation represents the intensity of a diamond. The more saturated a rock is the more valuable can be.

When speaking of distribution, we have to be aware of the way color spreads inside the rock. Rocks found very rarely are considered extremely valuable such as the red ones. After them in what concerns the rarity, are the blue and the green rocks. After that are purple diamonds & pink or violet. Then the list goes for olive, orange, brown, champagne, and even gray and black. 

Since colored stones are extremely expensive, people had to find alternatives to them. When speaking these terms, specialists developed a special strategy with the use of a certain process in order to color stones in a more natural way. The process is called irradiation that represents taking a normal gemstone in exposing it to particles of energy like x-rays, microwaves and gamma. Then they are heated until 1400-Celsius degrees. These stones are called enhanced fancy colored. Even if they are colored using different procedures, they do not present any risk for the ones that wear them, when they are completely safe.

If you want to know if a diamond is naturally colored, you have to go to a special laboratory. If you decide to buy a gemstone, you should make sure that you take it with an authenticity certificate. Fancy Green diamonds are the hardest to know if they are colored naturally like that, or artificially. The irradiation to a green rock can be in nature, so a specialist can find it hard to discover, if the process was a natural one, or an induced one. Even they are very rare, people avoid buying them, because they do not know if it is real or fake.