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Buying Fancy Black Diamonds Guide 

Carbonados are the same as the Fancy Black diamonds. The term Carbonado was conceived in Brazil in the middle of the 18th century because of its porous charcoal color. These types of colored diamonds can only be found in Brazil and in the Central African Republic. There are about 600 tons of natural stones, which have been quarried, polished, and traded since the 1900s, but no one was able to find a single black gem in any of the world’s mining fields. 

Black diamonds in most cases have been altered for a more attractive gem. They have been radiated to make them appear black in color. Actually, these are dark green in color and the green hue can only be perceived with a fiber optic light source. Though it has been known that natural black stones really do exist, cutting and polishing them is difficult, because of the dark minerals are inside each gem. 

Manufacturers of black stones treat, or change the gem to produce a finish product. They are exposed in places with extreme heat and radiation, which make them black in color. Same as with other gems, it may be cut and polished to flawlessness.

Megalite or fiber optic light is the best assistance in figuring out if the black precious stone is natural and true or a treated one. You do this by putting light on the narrow edge and looking to the other side. When dark brown or dark green edges appear, then it is a fake one. 

Dimension is a kind of tester that is being used to know whether it is natural or treated black diamond. While using this, the conductivity of the diamond transforms and may prove to be a fake one. If nothing changes, then it might be the natural and true. 

The 4 'C's in buying 

The 4 C’s are vital features you need to know when buying a precious stone whether you would like to own a black, a blue, or any other color. Cut, color, clarity and carat weight are your guide in checking the worth of it. 

Get the Paperwork

When buying any type of precious stone, you must know that it should come with an origin report, and be certified by the GIA, the IGI, or even by the American Gem Society (AGS). Words like “Treated,” “Enhanced” or “Fancy Black” should be seen in or near the gemstone for fake gems. 

Treated and genuine black diamonds are almost the same when seen by the naked eyes in a normal environment. Natural black gems can be damaged more than that of the enhanced type due to a weaker structure. It is advised that you ask the jewelers if the item you are buying is natural or not, so as not to waste your hard-earned money. By this, you will know what is to be expected from the piece you bought. It is better to buy the original gem than that of the fake one if you will use it more often. However, consider that it make take a lot from your wallet.

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