Blue Diamond Bracelet

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Blue Diamond Bracelet
Blue Diamond Bracelet

Blue diamonds are believed to be a key trophy in any collection of an expert. Blue Diamonds which occur naturally are present also, although very rare. The cost of a Blue diamond jewelry, such as blue diamond bracelets or any Colored Diamond Bracelet, formed solely by nature can be expensive. But, treated blue diamond cost a lot less compared to regular diamonds also. 

A lot of jewelers have not come across natural blue Diamonds as they are extremely rare. These are inclusive of stones like Queen of Holland, Regent Diamond and Blue Empress.

‘Hope’ diamond is a blue diamond that is most celebrated in Smithsonian Institute in Washington. The person who owned it last was Harry Winston, a jeweler from New York. He purchased it to present it to the Smithsonian; he only had it for 24 hours. 

As his insurance company and armed couriers tried to decide the cost and method of delivering the valuable gem to Washington, Harry strolled to the post office and used a cigarette packet to mail the diamond as ordinary post!

Blue Diamond is very rare and unusually lovely; its worth shows no indications of decreasing in future. Lower than 200 diamonds that are colorless and flawless, with more than five carats are discovered every year.

A much lower number of colored diamonds are found each year which makes them an item which is highly valued. It is not likely at all that a huge quantity of new collections of natural diamonds is going to be recovered outside known diamond mines; therefore, in future no flooding in the market will occur.