Care for Yellow Diamonds?

Yellow Diamond
Diamonds are not only one of the most precious stones; they are also one of the rarest especially yellow diamonds. Those whose yellow color is intense can command a very high price in the market. 

Let us get to know these stones better. 

Natural vs. Synthetic

These diamonds are either natural or artificial. The first is rarer than the latter. When it comes to their yellow color, natural diamonds get it from nitrogen while synthetic diamonds undergo laboratory processing or from treatment with chemicals. Synthetic diamonds are rising in popularity these days. Because of their yellow color, these diamonds are also known as canary or cape diamonds. The intensity and hue of synthetic diamonds are more likely standard as compared to natural diamonds that may have various shades of yellow. 

Buying the Diamonds 

When buying yellow diamonds, it helps to remember that the darker the color, the mo re expensive it can get. The lesser the specks, the rarer t he diamond is. Regardless if you are choosing a synthetic diamond, its quality and value can easily outshine other gems. It is quite difficult for anyone, especially those who are unfamiliar with stones, to tell the difference between these two types of diamonds. You can easily mistake a synthetic yellow diamond as natural. One way to distinguish is to ask for a certificate of authenticity. 

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