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Chameleon hint, hue, chameleon type fancy diamonds!

These Fancy Chameleon Diamonds are much like green diamonds at times and many of them look exactly like a green diamond but they are not the same exactly. The elements inside them that give them their chameleon color are different that the elements inside green diamonds.

The Exquisite and Unique Chameleon Diamond

Majority of us are aware of the term chameleon as the lizard which has the fascinating ability to alter its color. This enables it to combine with surroundings and go unnoticed.

This particular quality assists it to conceal itself from possible predators. The part which is not very known is that they are also able to alter color depending on conditions such a temperature, light and mood. 

It is hard to believe, but a kind of diamond exists which is also capable of altering color. This trend is appropriately called a Chameleon Diamond. This is a very rare diamond and you do not come across it displayed publicly. Generally, it is just viewed by collectors or for extremely special events.

Diamonds Which Change Color

It has been stated that if it is kept in a dark area for some time, it is going to alter color to yellow. When it is exposed to light, it noticeably begins transforming to a dark green color.

Also, it is prone to altering color when heat is introduced. It is believed that when introduced to heat, it changes to a rich yellow color, a bit different from the yellow color it transforms to, when in the dark. But, this transformation of color does not last for a long time; the stone then changes back to its regular, stable color.

It can also change from grayish blue or olive green to yellowish green. However, this obviously depends on the conditions of light at the time.


This phenomenon is rare, so not much is written on it. The initial report which was documented took place in early 1940s. This is when a gemologist saw a diamond changing color as it was being polished on a polishing wheel which was hot. 

This gem sold, following its grading as light yellow green. However, later it was returned when the confused client recovered what had afterwards turned into a dark green diamond, while in her jewelry box!


Chameleon diamonds still pose a huge mystery as no one completely comprehends this amazing phenomenon. They are aware what kinds of conditions contribute to the color change; but why precisely this takes place is not understood. 

As they are extremely rare, jewelers do not really understand them and little is known about them by the public. Any person with a budget which is huge enough, who is searching a piece of jewelry which is truly unique, should consider a chameleon diamond. 

Due to their rarity, they are extremely costly; in addition, the change of color is simpler to completely see and appreciate in a carat which is huger, which increases its cost. However, it is truly an exceptional diamond which can be utilized to form an exceptional jewelry piece.

Due to their unique qualities, the value of Chameleon diamonds changes throughout. They are believed to sell for more than $2 million. The unique traits make this an extremely collectible product. Unfortunately, it is extremely rare to get one for sale. The rarity of these diamonds makes them very valuable.

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