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One of the fanciest colored gemstones in the world is Champagne diamonds. They are principally mined in the Argyle mine in Australia.

Their color is usually yellow or light brown, with a feel of brown. Like all other colored fancies, the champagne color comes from the many impurities obtained during the mining. The light yellow or brown color categorizes champagne as a type II colored diamond. Although, the gemstones are categorized as type II, it does not mean that they are genuine.

All Gemstones are usually categorized as either type I or type II

Champagne diamondType I fancies are gemstones with a color that comes from exterior non-diamond supplies. These fancies have colors that result from impurities such as boron, nitrogen, and natural radiation. Nitrogen (N2) is the key impurity in these fancies and it produces orange and yellow hues. On the other hand, boron gives a fancy blue color, while natural radiation produces a fancy green color. 

Type II fancies are usually formed when something occurs, and the crystalline structure of it is altered. Several factors can lead to alteration of the crystalline structure. The major factor is the pressure that brings about deformation of the crystal lattice. It results to the dispersion of light thus producing reds, browns, pinks and champagne ones. 

Of the type II fancies, champagne rocks are the most unusual. They are fashionable and have an alluring natural color. They are soft, radiant and have exquisite shades that make them irresistible. 

Origin of Champagne Diamonds

As mentioned above Argyle mines in Australian are the main mines where these are mined. This is the same place where champagne stones were discovered many years ago. Argyle mine is located in a rugged remote area East Kimberley, Western Australia. They were discovered by geologists who were undertaking their usual stone research. While doing their research, they discovered ore veins that had plenty of gems. Unlike other types of gems, the geologists discovered that they were much more beautiful and elegant. 

Champagne stones are built up deep in the earth’s crust and nurtured for billions of years under a great pressure and temperature. The stones have trace elements that react with waves and pressure to carry the different colors of the stone. 

What to look out for when buying champagne diamonds

There are many factors for you should consider when buying such a product. The first thing that you should consider is the color of it. The color of the gemstone signifies its quality. The richer the color of it, the higher its quality and the better it is. 

The other thing that you should consider is the size of it. While size depends on your preferences, you should realize that the larger the size of the stone, the more carats it has and the more expensive it is. 

Finally, to ensure that you are buying natural champagne one, you should ask your vendor for the GIA certificate. GIA is the world’s best lab that analyses diamonds. Once analysis is complete, the lab gives a certificate detailing all the features of the diamond. Whenever you want to buy your gem, always ask for this certificate. If the vendor does not have it, do not buy from them.

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