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The Beautiful and Captivating Cognac Diamond

Fancy Colored Diamonds are truly beginning to create a huge impression. The numerous combinations of color can at times be captivating. However, a lot of people appear to believe that many fancy colored may be too expensive for their budget.

It is true that the cost of a stone increases with its rarity. But, this does not signify that a number of the fancy colors that are more common are inaccessible to everyone.

Among the family of Fancy Colored Diamonds, diamonds of Natural Fancy Brown are fast attracting fame. These diamonds are available in a lot of varied ranges of color blends. In actual fact, they adopted varied names which assist to illustrate their tone and shades.

Features of Brown Diamonds

Although the stones are a manifestation of great beauty, Brown Diamonds at one time were not popular; a lot of these valuables are found in the Argyle mine which started an effective marketing campaign of altering the term to become more enticing. 

The shade of lighter brown has assumed the name Cognac Diamonds due to its rich, golden look. As an expensive drink, the brain simply liked these two and assisted to raise the liking for a stone like this. The color which is dark or deep brown, called Champagne Diamonds has truly managed to draw the attention merited by these stones.

The same as all natural fancy stones that are colored, the color of champagne diamond is a result of light absorption via the structural faults in the crystal pattern. 

Varied areas around the globe are recognized for producing particular colors. The Western Australia Argyle mine in the area of Eastern Kimberly, popular for their production of Pink Diamond, is among the many places where among the most ideal Champagne colored diamonds can be found.

Actually, as the brown diamonds are extremely famous in their production, it was necessary for them to think of something to raise their yearly sales. They formed the terms ‘Cognac Diamond’ and ‘Champagne Diamond’ to promote these lovely stones better. 

Also, due to how widespread the stones are as well as the market value demanded, these diamonds’ costs are much lower compared to some fancy colors that are more famous. They are portrayed as a good deal for current collectors of diamond.

Fancy Champagne diamonds are present in a lot of shapes like Emerald, Princess, Oval, Asscher, Marquise, Radiant, Pear, Cushion and Heart. Diamonds of Fancy Champagne color which do not have any overtone colors are famous for being rare and being traded at numerous public auctions. 

Golden Pelican is among the most popular champagne diamonds. It is 69.93 carat, with Fancy Champagne color and is Rectangular cut Emerald diamond whose mining first took place in South Africa. 

The ring was inside a band of 14kt Gold and the owner was Baron Corso de Palenzuela von Habsburg. There is a belief that it had been utilized as security in a transaction at the bank. 

It secured the liberty of Jews who escaped from discrimination in Cuba. Afterwards in the 70s, the stone was auctioned at Christie’s. Its approximate value is an amazing 3 million dollars.

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