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In these unbalanced economic times with fluctuating markets, high interest rates and lower than ever savings rates in banks, people are looking to real estate and stock markets to invest their hard earned money but even today, more than ever, real estate and stocks are unbalanced, fluctuating and behaving in more and more unexpected ways, making investing a risky and full of pitfalls business.

This is why more and more smart businessmen and women have started buying Colored Diamonds as an Investment as they have understood the potential and strong staying power of rare fancy diamonds in the money world of today.

Investing in Fancy Diamonds online with the help of a website such as DiamondsRush or InvestDiamond gives you a solid option to buy and sell for a profit without having to worry about price fluctuation or pitfalls. Whether is is simple or not to buy and sell rare colored diamonds is a different issue that we will talk about in another article and we will get more into the history of fancy diamond prices soaring in the past 200 years and also in the past decade in yet another article.

Investing in Colored Diamonds seems to be the most solid way to invest a small-medium or large sum of money for the short term and for the long run. But remember that stock prices will go up and will go down but the long term is what matters the most. Will you still be wealthy in 10 years from now? How can you make sure that you will actually have a large enough sum of money in 10 years from now?

The best and easiest answer is Investing in Rare Color Diamonds, their prices never seem to drop that much at all, when there is global crisis, there are less buyers, this is true, but the prices still stay high as ever and holding onto a solid matter (a diamond) can be a lot better than holding onto virtual numbers in a machine in times of economical growth and in times of economical despair.

If you also believe in Colored Diamonds as an Investment, as we do, you are invited to contact us and tell us what type of diamond you are looking for so that we can help you invest your money for the short or long run by buying a rare colored diamond.


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Buy Uncut (Loose) Fancy Colored Diamonds, Buy Uncut Natural Fancy Colored Diamonds By Color

Considerations When Buying Uncut Fancy Diamonds

Colored Diamonds are expensive. Are you aware that the diamond cut’s quality as well as its processing makes the stone more valuable? One method of saving and generating profits from diamonds is by gaining knowledge on how to buy uncut (loose) fancy colored diamonds and have a professional cutter cut and polish them.

However, this procedure is not easy as it is entails serious financial risks as well as a lot of fraud. However, prior to purchasing rough fancy diamonds, adhere to the seven rules below, which are simple.

It is Vital for You to Be Aware of the Grouping of Uncut Stones

If you intend to purchase rough colored diamonds, it is simply not possible for you to proceed without gaining knowledge on the basics like crystalline form, pricing, color analysis, etc. This is unless you are able to afford a person who can assist to make decisions on your behalf. Classifying uncut fancy colored diamonds is not similar to the polished stones or 4Cs of cut.

Make deals regarding purchase just with a reputable trader

At times, purchasers are enticed to deal with undependable sources as they trade diamonds at reduced costs. The probability of being conned is extremely high and buying colored diamonds from unauthorized people can get you in a lot of problems with the law.

Acquire your personal tools to examine the diamonds in daylight

Lighting which is bright and appropriate is vital in checking uncut fancy diamonds; without this, the real color might be concealed or changed. Acquiring your personal tools for careful analysis of uncut diamonds would assist a lot in a great investment with uncut diamonds.

It is important to have quality rough diamonds

Have an appraiser from the lab or an independent appraiser check the rough diamonds in order for you to take them back, in case they fall short of your criterion of quality.

Have a qualified cutter for your uncut diamonds

It is very probable that rough fancy colored diamonds will require being cut for your personal usage or for selling again. Avoid wasting your investment on inadequate workmanship and unsuitable handling from an unskilled cutter. 

Your uncut diamonds should be appraised before as well as after

In case the uncut fancy colored diamonds have been swapped for another inferior quality, it will not be easy to know. Prior to cutting the rough diamonds, have them appraised by a professional appraiser; repeat this after the cutting.

Purchase diamonds which are dispute-free

It is hard to sell blood diamonds; and if you are able to, their costs are lower than anticipated. When purchasing rough diamonds, make sure that they have the Kimberly process certification. It is extremely important to have a methodical comprehension about the diamonds world. 

This is in order to select appropriately, buy and cut rough fancy diamonds. If you desire rough diamonds as an alternative which is more affordable or to attain profits by selling them again, it is vital for you to put in time to know the tricks of this trade, so as to reap maximum benefit.

Buy uncut (loose) fancy colored diamonds at competitive prices today - contact us for more info!

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