DiamondsRush Review |


As the saying goes ‘Diamonds are a girl’s best friend’ so where are the best places to go when looking for this most precious of commodity? DiamondsRush brings the prospect of owning diamonds of all color, clarity and quality at a more reasonable price. This platform opens up the largest online retailer of diamonds with over 800,000 stones available for potential customers, all coming with both a GIA Certification and a Kimberly Process Certification in order to ensure the quality of the gem on offer.

Authentic Professionalism

The knowledge of those working at DiamondsRush is undeniable, they know their diamonds inside out and will never allow a diamond to be sold that is below their exacting standards. With the certification that comes with each individual diamond this ensures the quality and background of the commodity. The GIA Certificate is used to ensure the true quality of the diamond, with color, clarity and carot all taking into consideration while the Kimberly Process Certificate ensures the stones have come from credible sources. As beautiful as diamonds are it is important to make sure they are coming from countries where conflict has not tainted the stones themselves.

Transport or Storage - You Choose!

By putting you in contact with vendors all over the world, Diamonds Rush offers the opportunity for you to easily browse through the precious gems on offer. This might seem a daunting and scary prospect, the idea that the diamonds will be thrown into the post and delivered to your door by your everyday postman – this is an expensive commodity! So to build an even greater level of trust it is possible to, instead, have your purchase transported through secure delivery and even left in a state-of-the-art vault, located in major cities throughout the world, for your own pickup.

DiamondsRush Website

This beautifully laid out website makes it simple and easy to peruse the diamonds on offer all from the comfort of your own home. It makes it easier to plan the surprise for that special lady in your life and lets you search based on your own terms. Whether this is a specific type of diamond that you are after or you need to search within your budget, it is simple and easy to find what you are looking for.

Diamonds as a Commodity

Diamonds are one of the fastest growing commodities in the modern world, with the rarity and price of these beautiful gems growing day by day. This makes them a great way of investing your money and Diamonds Rush is one of the best places you can visit to ensure the quality and service will live up to expectations. If you are looking to place your trust into a competent website that will ensure you receive the highest quality for the money you have paid then Diamonds Rush is an excellent and safe way to invest which is exactly what you need when buying such a stunning stone.