Fancy Diamond Necklaces

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Making a Fashion Statement With Colored Diamond Necklaces

An official evening attire is not complete without a fancy diamond necklace! Diamond necklaces offer completion to the sophistication which each lady desires to portray on those occasions which are special.

Similar to Mona Lisa without the smile, the appearance would not be the same if this crucial part of the puzzle was unavailable. Fancy Diamond necklaces, like single diamond solitaire and multi-diamond encrusted presentations, will at all times occupy a gentle part of a lady’s heart.

There is no feeling which surpasses the one of placing a lovely strand of diamonds round the neck of the person you adore. Her response to a gift like this is going to be overwhelming and this special moment will forever be engraved in her mind. 

Comparing Colored Diamond Necklaces with Colored Diamond Pendants

Colored Diamond necklaces come with a long history. There was a popular diamond known as Hope Diamond which was blue in color. Today, it is set in a necklace which is diamond studded and it is lovely; the Smithsonian owns it. It is the height of sophistication and the typical bearer for sophisticated diamond necklaces.

A colored diamond jewelry necklace consists of fancy diamonds all through the necklace strand while diamond pendants normally have fancy diamonds in the part for ‘pendant.’ The necklace is silver or gold and has no diamonds. The two present elegance and are beautiful, even though they appear different, for either official or semi-official events respectively.

Full Length Necklaces or Choker

Fancy Diamond choker necklaces embrace the neck and offer it a different appearance, compared to fancy diamond necklaces of full length. Normally, they are 14 to 16 inches long and their length can be adjusted near the clasp. If the wearer’s neck is long, a diamond choker can appear particularly sophisticated. In the case of a shorter neck, then a choker which is thinner is better, with maybe a pendant, to attain a lengthening effect.

In case an individual is tall, they can wear a necklace of whatever length they want, for instance a choker or a necklace of full length (up to 40 inches or more). 

A choker is going to highlight a person’s height more and lay emphasis on the sophisticated neckline. It is also going to attract more focus on the face. If a person of average size desires to complement their outfit, a necklace of a length which is slightly higher is going to be ideal.

In the case of a plus size person, then a necklace of longer length is ideal, to make the person’s appearance longer. The same is applicable in regard to shorter women who should make an effort to wear a colored diamond necklace of 18 to 24 inches, so as to look taller than they are in reality.

As we age, the youthful look we had at one time diminishes. By wearing a necklace which is long, this can highlight the necklace, rather than the face and neck. A pendant that hangs from the necklace can work also work to divert more attention from the area of the face.

Facial Shape… Selecting a Necklace of the Correct Length 

The structure of a lady’s face can be effective in portraying a fancy diamond necklace’s length that will bring out the best in her. Women whose faces are round will look wonderful while wearing fancy diamond necklaces that are longer, as this will present a lengthening impact.

If a person with a round face structure wears shorter chokers, the shorter necklace will emphasize their face’s roundness. In the case of a face which is more oval, any necklace length will be suitable and will appear elegant for that particular occasion. 


Hopefully, the above tips will help you in selecting the appropriate type of pendant necklace or fancy diamond for that special person. It does not matter whether you are looking for a diamond necklace with fancy colors or white diamonds…the tips above will assist you to obtain the best!