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Green Diamonds… The Most Superior Quality Diamonds

Natural fancy diamonds which are colored are extremely rare and costly. Green is a color which is rare and desirable. The Dresden diamond which is the hugest and most popular green diamond in the globe is 40.70 carats.

Green diamonds occur naturally, even though a lot of people do not know that they exist. But, the simultaneous presence of all the environmental states which are essential for creation of green diamonds is literally impossible. This is what makes them so rare and costly. 

Are Green Diamonds Natural or Improved?

It is so rare to find natural green diamonds that majority of jewelers have never set eyes on one and will never possess one. In recent years, techniques of creating diamonds of intense color such as fancy green have been set up.

It is believed that the procedure possibly recreates the conditions that were available millions of years back, to create stones of natural fancy color. The treatment can just be effective with a small number of diamonds and entails irradiating them. This causes the color to change and is normally followed by heat treatment to make the color stable.

The green diamonds that are accessible are mostly enhanced or treated. This fact should not discourage you from buying one as each diamond has been improved by faceting. Many colored gemstones are treated using heat to improve their color. 

What Gives these Diamonds their Unique Color?

Diamonds are formed deep inside mother earth’s womb (140 to 190km deep) in the mantle of the earth or 87 to 120 mi. This takes place when extremely high temperatures and great pressures react on the carbon which is available at such huge depths. This goes on for thousands of years and eventually solidifies the carbon to a diamond.

When natural diamonds that are purely colorless become exposed to a radioactivity source during their formative years for a long period of time (millions of years or more) some diamonds attain a green color. This green color in diamonds is really unique.

Mostly, radiation like this is available in form of particles of alpha and beta, released by seeping groundwater or underground uranium compounds. The infiltration of the green color released by radiation of alpha and beta is not extremely deep and is many times lost in the course of the formation of the stone. Professional cutters leave a ‘skin’ or staining of exterior radiation on the stone, offering the stone a greener look.

The gemstone size, power of radioactivity, how long it was exposed to radioactivity and the kind of radiation, are the elements which determine the intensity and richness of the green color attained by a natural green diamond.

Similar to each natural colored diamonds, there is a display of more than one shadowy hue from green natural diamonds. The main green color has modifiers accompanying it. These are single or more extra colors which add to its general impression.

Green diamonds modifiers are inclusive of yellow, brown, blue and gray. Due to this, Yellowish-Green, Bluish Green, Yellow-Green and Gray Yellowish Green diamonds occur naturally also.