Invest Diamond - Is It a Scam? Diamond Investment Review was established in 2013 and is the sister company of, a company that specializes in buying and storing physical gold on behalf of clients. Invest Diamond is partnered with the only company authorized to produce K-cut diamonds, which are specifically designed for investment purposes. Diamond Investment Review

The company uses a Swiss vault to store client investments, both gold and diamonds. Aside from selling investment grade diamonds, is the only company that allows customers to sell and trade in fractional diamond pieces, as opposed to entire stones. 

But is the company a scam, or are they legitimate diamond investment providers? 


To purchase or trade in diamonds, users must first create an account. There are two account types: Standard and Privilege. 

Standard – Standard accounts are free to open and carry a 0.5% fee on sales and purchases. They also charge 0.02% per month to store diamonds in Swiss vault. There is also a $30 fee for bank wire transfers, a $6 fee for mailing a property title, and a $450 fee to have the diamonds personally verified by the vault's bailiff. 

Privilege – Privileged accounts come with a $9 monthly subscription and are designed for the active investor. Sales and purchases come with a 0.05% commission and a 0.02% monthly storage fee. Bank transfers, deposits, and withdrawals are free. Mailing property titles and documents are also free. is the only company on the market that allows its members to sell and trade in fractions of diamonds, without having to pay VAT or sales tax. Diamonds start at 0.001 carats and each are fully certified by the IGI. Unless you decide to have the diamonds physically shipped to your location, all investment diamonds are stored in their highly secure Swiss vaults, which are outside the global banking system's jurisdiction. In order to see the diamonds being offered for sale or trade by other users, you must first create an account. 

Conclusion is unlike other online diamond sellers in that they operate as a free and open marketplace for investment grade diamonds. Even though diamond prices remain stable, there is definitely an opportunity to profit from short-term price fluctuations. 

All-in-all is a streamlined way for both active and non active investors to profit by taking advantage of the company's state of the art trading platform. does not have any negative online reviews and its sister company,, also has a positive reputation. With this said we can confidently say that is a trusted company, and definitely not a scam.