Knowing Your Diamonds before Buying

Every woman considers diamonds as her best friend. This is what a classical song said. There is truth to this statement. The only girls who would not love to receive diamonds as a gift are those who feel strongly against lavish living. Some people show their love and affection through diamonds but this mineral also symbolizes high status. There are only a few people, who would want to say no to diamonds. In fact, many people dream of owning one. These are too beautiful and hard to acquire to make them so precious. They shine and that make them all the better to look at. This article will talk more about such a valuable item. Mines in different parts of the world turn out different types of gems of different size and shape. The best diamonds are, in fact, colorless, although fancy colored diamonds have become a hit in the past decades.

Laboratories like GIA and IGI use scales to distinguish the color of rocks from colorless, color grade D, up to Z, which is already light yellow. Describing rocks with the letter corresponding to their color together with a descriptive term is applied to rocks below grade K. There are also naturally colored jewels called fancy-color that does not fall in the normal color range and are usually darker than Z.

When you look at a gemstone, there are four things you should consider, the cut, color, clarity, and carat, which are also known as the “4 C’s.” Each of these defines what your diamond should be. The first thing to consider in a diamond is the cut. A gemstone is more beautiful if it is cut and polished properly. Cutting a gemstone should be precise and should follow a certain algorithm. Jewelries look more dazzling if the gemstones on them are cut just right. They glitter under the light of the sun and they just look spectacular.

After the cut, you then have to look at the color. Colorless diamonds are color graded from D to Z. They usually have yellow or brown hues, although they may look white. Darker colored gems usually cost less, because they are considered to be of lower quality. An ideal gemstone is the one that is as colorless as possible.

Most diamonds are not perfect. Today many are even man made (which is gaining popularity) because you can make them as close to perfection as you can which is hard to expect from a naturally made gemstone. You can now find numerous higher quality stones made by man than those made by nature. Even cloudy spots can hardly be noticed when the gemstone is manually cut to perfection.

Carat is another property by which a diamond is characterized. This is actually how much to weigh. Given that the cut, color and clarity are as desired, the bigger the rock the more expensive it is. However, even if two diamonds have the same carat they can cost a world away if the other 3 C’s vary and this is what jewelers usually take into account. Always find an authentic source to buy such a product.