Most Famous Blue Diamonds

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Blue diamond colors range from pale bluish hue to deeper shades. All of these are quite fascinating to look at. All people who love this particular color will agree with the un-explainable effect of this precious gem. One of the most famous stones in the world is the Hope diamond. It has been given several names and among them that it was cursed. It weights 45.52 carats. In today’s market the price for a carat will range around thousands of dollars while those that are heavier are valued at millions of dollars. There are other well known precious gems even if this stone is considered rare.

Koh-I-Noor literally means Mountain of Light in Persia. It is the largest one to date 186 carat cut diamond. Prince Albert decides to cut it down to increase its brilliance but sadly when it was cut it did not produce these results. At present this piece is set in the crown worn by Queen Elizabeth of England. When it comes to the largest polished rock no one can compare to the Cullinan I or the Great Star of Africa until the discovery of the Golden Jubilee. This was later split into smaller sizes and place in the Scepter of the Cross

The Heart of Eternity belonged to DeBeers collection and later was sold to a private buyer. This was found in the Premier Diamond Mine in South Africa. The Premier Mine is the only mine in the world that produces such timeless pieces. The Millennium Star was named in honor of the year 2000. It was said to have perfect proportions. Thieves have tried their best to steal this but were unsuccessful. The Excelsior was the biggest rough stone of its time. This bluish white gem was mined in Africa. This was cut into pieces and given series of numbers from Excelsior I and so on and so forth.

The Wittelsbach rock is smaller and it weighs less; 35.56 carats. This gem was handed down from German royalty. The Idol’s Eye is a piece cloaked in mystery. Some say that this stone came from the eye of an idol in a temple in Benghazi. There are some inconsistencies with this claim since there is no evidence that there exists a statue missing a set of one eye to validate this story. The Idol’s Eye has 9 facets instead of the standard 8 one.

The Orlov was closely affiliated with the Idol’s Eye. It has an unusual shape since it looks like an egg cut into two. The name was given to honor the giver, Count Grigory Grigorievich Orlov. The stone was placed in the Imperial Scepter of the Russian Empress Catherine and it remains to be so up to this date. Another equally famous jewel is the Petra Blue. The first owner has the honor to name this flawless piece. Recently this piece was sold in this 2013 for $16.9 million. This high quality find was extracted from the mines of Cullinan in South Africa.