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Natural Orange Diamonds… A Rare Beauty!

Natural orange diamonds are believed to be remarkably rare and very costly, particularly the ones whose color is pure, for instance Fancy Vivid Orange and Fancy Intense Orange.

These diamonds are mainly mined from Australia and South Africa. They are coveted by all popular diamond collectors. Many of these diamonds are intriguing and they normally consist of an orange or yellow hue. 

Because this pure orange diamond is so rare, as an investment, this can be brilliant. Diamonds are present in literally all shades and each of them varies in color concentration, such as light to dark shades of a specific color.

Features of Natural Orange Diamonds

Normally, natural diamonds which are fancy colored are rated depending on their hue, such as orange, yellow, brown, red, blue or green and their intensity is termed as intense, vivid, etc. It is believed that the huger the diamond’s intensity, the more costly and exclusive it will be.

When natural diamonds of fancy color are rated, the GIA uses nine grades. These are named as light, faint, fancy light, light very light, fancy dark, fancy, fancy intense, fancy vivid and fancy deep. 

Orange diamonds are present in a range of colors named Faint Orange, Fancy Brown Orange, Yellowish Orange, etc. The diamonds that have hues are more affordable compared to pure orange colored diamonds.

The diamond which looks like a Halloween pumpkin is among the diamonds in the globe that is most on demand. It can sell at a cost which much higher compared to the yellow diamonds.

A Fancy Intense Orange diamond of 8-93 carat was sold for $1.9 million at Sotheby’s. Actually, there are numerous famous orange colored diamonds. A certain Pumpkin Diamond of 5.54 carat was sold for $1.3 million at Sotheby auction. He mounted it on a ring which Halle Berry later wore in the year 2002 for the Academy Awards where she won the award for best actress. Presently, the ring is believed to be worth more than three million dollars.

Nowadays, there are specific treatment procedures which are being carried out to change the color of diamonds. Therefore, when you intend to buy a diamond of natural color such as an orange diamond, it is important that the term ‘natural’ is stamped on its report for grading, as this is what tells individuals that the color is ‘natural’ and that it is not a diamond which is treated.

It is important to ascertain the worth of the stone color. Since natural fancy colors are extremely hard to access, it is very essential for you to have verification to make sure that your diamond is really a natural diamond. 

Natural Fancy Orange diamonds are very rare and this leads to their high cost. They have become extremely famous lately, particularly the ones like Vivid Orange or Fancy Intense orange which do not have other tinges. 


Undoubtedly, orange diamonds are among the most valued stones available. This means that any time one is found or provided on the auction block, it triggers a lot of publicity and interest from collectors.