Pink Diamond Engagement Rings

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The Developing Trend of Pink Diamond Engagement Rings 

For a lady, the most valuable possessions might be a colored diamond engagement ring. Becoming engaged is a moment which is greatly anticipated by any young lady or man. The kind of ring to get is many times discussed thoroughly prior to making a decision in the end, about the most ideal one.

Some vital elements which are normally considered are the diamond’s size and form and obviously, the color. With an increasing number of young couples making an effort to be unique from the conventional diamonds that have been tried and tested, of late, pink diamond engagement rings have turned into a hit.

Why Colored Diamonds Have Gained Fame

The conventional diamond ring is a selection which is safe; however, so as to be unique, today women choose rings with diamonds that are colored. Couples who are engaged are becoming more and more fascinated in a ring which is extra unique. 

This has led to an increased demand for diamonds with color, in addition to princess cut stones and antique settings. Professionals in the diamond sector think that prior to a pink diamond being formed, very precise and intense geological forces should be available.

These forces offer the stone its distinctive pink color. A pink diamond’s structure also differs from a diamond’s structure. It is extremely rare to get naturally colored diamonds. There are 12 different colors with more than 230 possible color blends.

What the Pink Color Signifies

Normally, the color pink represents passion, love, desire and energy; therefore, it tends to present more meaning and occupies a special place in the bride to be’s heart. Next to natural red diamonds, the rarest are natural pink diamonds. 

Due to this, it is to be expected that the cost per carat is a bit high. The diamond of pink color is regarded as a luxury product. As they are extremely rare, over the years their fame has risen.

All diamonds, despite color, are analyzed to check their general quality. Features like cut, carat weight, color and clarity are assessed. When checking the quality of a colored diamond, the quality of color is believed to be the most vital element.

A diamond which is totally pink that does not consist of any other secondary hues is a lot more precious. But, this is very rare and odd. Diamonds of pink color which are present on the market nowadays normally have secondary colors like brownish orange, brown, purple, brownish purple and gray.

As the natural pure pink hue is extremely rare and costly, a lot of couples choose something which is more affordable, such as a pink diamond ring that is treated. The treatment procedure ends up in a diamond ring which is superior quality, long lasting and literally impossible to differentiate from a pure pink ring.


As colored diamonds are growing in popularity and the color pink has romantic connotations, it comes as no surprise that pink diamond engagement rings are number one when couples are making a choice.