Pink Diamond-History, Manufacturing, Trading & Evaluation

We do not know where the first pink diamond came from. Some people believe that they came from India or Brazil, but no one really knows where the well-known pink diamonds came from. The pink diamond industry grew after the discovery of the Argyle mines in Australia and since then you can find numerous pink diamonds in the market. Still, this precious mineral is considered among the most expensive, because there are far more people who want to have it than the industry can provide.

White jewels will always be considered the standard. There is nothing more splendid than the beauty of white gemstone. White stones are used for many different jewels. You can make them into rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces and other accessories. 

If you want to get a piece of jewelry, you do not just go to a jewelry shop and choose whichever looks nicest. You have to know something about gemstones if you want to purchase one so you will not be wasting your money, because of a foolish decision. You have to know the classifications of gemstones.


Pink diamonds are very hard to find and they are worth a lot too. Before, jewelers would already feel fortunate to handle a Jewel regardless of its color. Now, the demand for stones has grown so big that if jewelers do not have them, they are sure to lose their trade. Because pink stones are so highly valued and in demand, countless people have ventured into manufacturing them. Colorless stones are believed to be the purest and most natural ones. However, in reality, colored stones can be as natural as their colorless counterpart can.


Presently, it is not known how a jewel turns pink. People like fancy pink diamonds so much because their color is so rare. Of all the gemstones, colored or not, they are the most expensive. The trading of pink gemstones has grown into a multi-billion dollar market all over the world. Part of the increase in value of these precious stones is attributed to the fact that people still do not know how they turn pink, and it is this mystery making them more appealing.


Gemstones are classified into different types and pink jewels fall into Type IIa. Type IIa gemstones have no nitrogen impurities. Therefore, to make sure that you have a real pink jewel, you have to look for traces of nitrogen in it during assessment. Compared to other rocks, pink jewels are more valuable. However, they are also valued higher if they satisfy all these criteria. You can never go wrong with buying jewelry with pink jewels.

Natural Pink Diamonds

North West Australia, Brazil, and Golconda, India are some of the famous places where pink rocks were found. The mines in Argyle, Australia have produced the most number of pink diamonds in the market today. For almost twenty years, Argyle has been mining an annual total of 40 million carats of rocks. The demand for this precious stone further increased when a pink stone was sold for more than a million dollar recently at an auction.