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Why Choose Pink Diamonds?

It is a fact that most women love the color pink or monochromatic shades of red. This shade makes them feel feminine and womanly. This precious gem is one of the most expensive gemstones in the world. This stone has a higher price tag than colorless diamonds. Every year natural occurring pink shade gems are produced in very small numbers. Some ladies might settle for other types of gems like pink sapphire and star rose quartz but there is nothing that can compare with true pink diamonds. This is the reason why most ladies love to own a colored diamond engagement ring having this precious kind of rock. 

Normally the price for a Pink diamond engagement ring is more than $10,000. This is why for those that cannot afford this they purchase man made diamonds instead. Many bridal magazines, bridal television series and online websites feature jewelries that use this particular rosy shade. Most of these natural occurring uncut loose pink diamonds are most valuable pieces and from the Argyle Mine in Northwestern Australia. A special color scale is used in ascending order to define the right shade of pink ranging from faint to fancy deep. 

Because of its rarity this is why scrupulous persons prey on unknowing victims who want to purchase these gems. Careful documentation and correct appraisal should accompany purchasing this stone. Since colors play a major role in considering its price and quality it would be wiser to purchase colors of fancy light and above. Get acquainted with the hues of pink. There are times when a second shade enriches its color resulting in combinations like orange, lilac and brown. 

This particular shade has three main components: hue, saturation and tone. The rule of thumb when it comes to hue is that with the right hue, it could add more value to the diamond. When shopping for these gems set aside some favorites for comparison later on before finally deciding which piece of jewelry to purchase. Look for natural cracks because it decreases its brilliance. Choose a cut that is appropriate for the chosen type of setting. It may be hard to hit a good cut if the stone is re-cut. The best dealers provide GIA (Gemological Institute of America) certification and similar expert jewelers association. 

As an owner it would be wise to know how clean these expensive jewels. It must be stored in a canister or boxes that will not alone it to get scratched or tangled with other jewelry pieces. Sometimes it would be better to visit the jewelry store to have a once a year professional cleaning session. Just be sure that it is a trustworthy jeweler in order to avoid scam replacement of these precious gems. If cleaning the jewelry at home prepare a small bowl of warm water that uses mild detergent. Gently brush the jewel with a very soft toothbrush; preferably a baby’s toothbrush. Rinse with running warm water and pat dry with soft lint free cloth. Using a brand name liquid jewelry cleaner can also work wonders to preserve the beauty of this gem.

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