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Individuals who are in the sector of diamond are aware of how extremely rare most colors are, particularly in the case of pure colors. However, they have a lot of queries concerning purple diamonds, because of their rarity and astonishing color.

Below are numerous questions frequently asked concerning Purple diamonds together with their answers.

Do Purple Diamonds Exist?

A lot of individuals have asked whether natural purple diamonds truly exist and it is interesting to know that the answer is definitely! Diamonds are created from elements which that combine over millions of years. 

Many times it is straight carbon; however, sometimes varied elements gain access here and lead to a remarkable hue of different natural colors.

What Term is used for Purple Diamonds?

Extra names are given to diamonds, for instance:
  • Cognac or Chocolate diamonds in reference to Brown diamonds.
  • Canary diamonds referring to Yellow diamonds.
This results from wonderful branding; however, some names have a tendency of ‘sticking’ to some colors.

In regard to Purple diamonds, that are mostly recognized by their color, they are at times called Orchid diamonds, Plum Diamonds, Mauve diamonds, Lilac diamonds, Grape diamonds and Lavender diamonds.

Are Purple Diamonds Genuine?

There are improved Purple Diamonds and Natural Purple Diamonds. The latter are genuine and the former are not, even though improvements carried out to natural diamonds. 

‘Genuine’ refer to the hue and purple hue is just ‘genuine’ in Natural Purple diamonds.

Purple Diamonds…Are they Natural? 

Diamonds are available in numerous shades such as Purple, Blue, Green, Black, Pink, Red, Yellow, etc. Purple diamonds are certainly natural. This is when it is assumed that the diamond has not been artificially improved, nor has the color been influenced. 

For the classification of the stones, GIA (Gemological Institute of America) created a standardized list of 12 key colors, 9 varied intensity rates, 90 secondary hues and more than 230 combinations of color.

What gives Diamonds their Purple Color?

Many colored diamonds acquire their color from a kind of impurity. Where Purple diamonds are concerned, the color results from an uncommonly high availability of Hydrogen.

Where are Purple Diamonds Found?

Majority of Purple diamonds originate from Australian mines like the Argyle mine. They are present in other areas worldwide also such as Russia, Canada, Amazon and other regions.

What is the Price for Purple Diamonds?

It is not only difficult to come across a pure Purple diamond, but it is normally very costly. However, a range of colored diamonds with varied color blends are a lot more cheaper. In general, though, Purple diamonds are extremely rare and therefore, their cost increases with their purple color.

Why should one Purchase Purple Diamonds?

Purple diamonds are unique and are special substitutes to the colorless diamond. In addition, as Purple diamond is extremely rare, it is among the ‘must have’ diamonds for collectors of diamonds. Any collection is incomplete without possession of diamonds that are among the world’s rarest, in terms of color.