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Red hint, hue, Red type fancy diamonds!

The Very Precious Quality and Rare Diamonds

Natural and fancy colored diamonds are the rarest, when Red diamond is one of the exceptional and most desired diamond colors.

Is it Natural?

Natural fancy red diamonds are very rare in nature. Most jewelers do not even know about their existence and neither can they own them. For the past few years, various production methods have been developed to make intense colored ones, specifically red ones, yet it is very uncommon to see any natural or treated red diamond. It is assumed that the conditions to produce the red diamond are recreated that survived millions of years ago to get natural colored gemstones. The treatment works on small stones only that irradiates these gemstones and cause color change followed by a heat treatment that stabilizes the color.

Are they rare?

There are only five colored gemstones available as the certified natural gemstones. Now treated stones you will find. You can get these beautiful stones in rings, which are fully incorporated. In fact, the enhanced (treated) red ones are very rare; therefore, the stock selection is very exclusive. Natural gems are seldom to be found so most gemstone jewelry makers also do not intend to make an effort to search any. Any of their comments about them will be particularly about treating ones unless they clearly mention otherwise.

Are they Expensive?

According to their quality and rarity, colored fancy stones are more expensive than any other colorless one. The processing also adds up to the cost so this is the only one that needs high quality treatment. The gems used for treatment are usually of less desired colors like yellow or brown. However, it is not confirmed about the final color the stone will have after the treatment of a particular stone.

Famous Red Diamonds

The Red Shield with around 5.11 carats of weight is largest Red one in the world compared to any other kind of largest ones with over 600 carats. It might later on make its place in the list of world’s largest stones, but still it is famous for being such a color that is the unique colored gems available.

How about Rubies then

Rubies can be used instead of such colored ones and can be controlled. However, the best of quality rubies are also very expensive. They do not have sufficient sparkle and finish stones have. Although rubies are quite hard and durable stone, yet such ones are much stronger and durable than rubies.


You can find the best designed gemstone rings, as they are designed especially as well as created. You can pamper yourself with the love of such colored stones, as they are often used in making rings with other fancy colors.

Pendants & Earrings

Any pendant made of near colorless gem can be made of red gems as well. However, it is quite difficult to make it with such gemstones due to their rarity but still can be done with a little effort.

You can find various shapes to choose from, but you must consider the quality factor when selecting such a product. These cut diamonds are charged as “extremely good” “Good” and “Poor.” The more it sparkles, the bigger it seems. So prefer the highest grade of cut depending on your budget. You must do your homework and analyze your budget, before making a decision. Consider four Cs along with that and you will get a perfect quality red diamond that you will cherish for the rest of your life.

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