Treated Fancy Black Diamonds, Man Made Fancy Black Diamonds, Lab Made Black Color Diamond

Some of the cheaper fancy Black diamonds in the diamond market today are man made or treated Black diamonds. They are still fancy diamonds and still are very precious and their price can be high depending on carat size, cut and quality.

The technology that it takes to grow an fancy diamond or color a diamond is not a cheap one. The diamond is still authentic and %100 real, only it has been treated or grown in a lab. Still, finding a natural Black diamond in nature costs a lot more then growing one in a lab or treating a regular diamond to color it fancy Black. This is why the cost of a treated or man made Black diamond will usually be %70 cheaper than a natural one.

Diamond mining companies will usually mine and process tens of thousands of tons of ore per day just to find one carat of natural colored diamond. This is why the treating or growing process, makes Black color diamonds much cheaper to produce and buy.

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Lab Made Black Color Diamond
Lab Made Black Color Diamond