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Beautiful and Fascinating Violet Diamonds

Elegant violet diamonds that are natural and pure are the same as elegant purple diamonds which are natural and pure. This is because they are very rare. They are even rarer compared to purple diamonds. They are normally not present in dimensions that are huger than a single carat.

Actually, normally elegant violet diamonds are extremely small. When violet diamonds that are pure do not have secondary modifying colors, they are even more difficult to find. This is because many are set in pairs with blue or grey.

Distinct Features of Violet Diamonds

Some experts in colored diamond sector utilize the terms ‘purple’ and ‘violet’ interchangeably; however, violet diamonds belong to a different color group which must not be mistaken for purple diamonds when it is seen and when it is being discussed. To the eye, violet diamonds seem more blue-grey; purple diamonds look pinkish or red.


As with numerous other diamond groups of natural elegant color, the availability of a trace factor which is hydrogen in elegant violet diamonds, is the atomic pattern that is accountable for their specific color.

The reason for violet diamonds being colored is noticeably diverse from the one of purple diamonds. This is because of plastic distortion or transformation of atomic pattern. Purple diamonds and violet diamonds therefore have a couple of colors that are separate.


The analysis of elegant violet diamonds is carried out depending on color intensity, or a mixture of tone and saturation. Below is a description of intensities of violet diamond.

  • Elegant Intense Violet 
  • Elegant Violet 
  • Elegant Deep Violet 
  • Elegant Dark Violet 

As you proceed further down towards this variety, the color in the violet diamond increases in richness and intensity. If a diamond’s color has a lot of intensity this raises its worth considerably, compared to an Elegant Violet diamond. However, the two are both precious.

Secondary Hue Modifiers

Generally, a diamond which is colored is rare when it is found as a single color devoid of any modifying colors. Violet diamonds are present in pairs with grey and blue. Mostly, a violet diamond functions as a modifier of secondary color, for instance Elegant Violet –Gray or Elegant Violetish Blue which is diamond graded. 


Tone is the darkness or lightness of a violet diamond and the variety in between. GIA grading does not differentiate tones; however, when observed with the eye, a stone whose tones are darker might appear to have more intensity in color.

For a person searching for the look of an Elegant Intense Violet diamond that is more affordable, a great choice might be a darker toned Elegant Violet diamond.


Elegant violet diamonds are available in literally all shapes such as marquise, radiant, oval, pear, heart, cushion as well as the classic circular brilliant cut. 

Where violet diamonds are concerned, a circular brilliant cut does not essentially desaturate color since the normally have moderately darker tones compared to other diamond colors. It is important to note unequal color distributions also, since they can definitely impact the value and look of a diamond.

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