Yellow Diamond Bracelet

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Yellow Diamond Bracelet
Yellow Diamond Bracelet

Yellow gold is a precious metal which is a favorite. It has a creamy yellow hue with a lovely luster to it. Diamonds are at all times set in precious metals. This is because if it was set in metal of inferior quality, this would lower the diamond’s value. Among the most widespread metals which a diamond is set in, is white gold or yellow.

Also, they can be set in platinum; however, this is a lot more costly, compared to gold, when used as a setting. A tennis yellow diamond bracelet is one which is created with a strand of diamonds or numerous diamond strands.

Precious metal is used as a setting for diamonds which is worn on someone’s wrist. The diamond’s size or weight is different for different tennis yellow diamond bracelets.

At first, they were called tennis bracelets as they were extremely famous with country club groups but not because they were worn when playing tennis. The reason was because this was a group who loved tennis.

The price of a yellow diamond bracelet varies a lot and is mostly determined by the diamonds’ size and quality. Normally, you can get a bracelet for one hundred dollars. This is for a bracelet whose overall weight is about ½ carat. Others are more than one million dollars.

The price range is very huge as the sizes vary a lot. Yellow gold is a favorite as it contrasts with the diamonds’ coolness by adding some warmth to these diamonds. The contrast truly makes the yellow diamond bracelet stand out.