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Yellow Diamond Investment - Investment Grade Yellow Diamonds

Yellow Diamonds Facts

A famous James Bond movie says that diamonds are forever. In some ways this is quite true. It is definitely as hard as a rock and can last for generations to come. This is true if these precious gems are well kept and taken care of. Similar to high end items, yellow diamonds are notorious for keeping a steady and loyal set of followers and buyers. It is true that those with higher intensity in terms of colors are expensive but there are some pieces that may be less colorful but are equally awesome to behold. Fancy yellow diamonds that carry 1 carat or more are attracting a sizable piece of the market.

When choosing yellow diamonds like any other colored pieces, color is largely emphasized. This is equally true about these canary shaded stone. In fact this color form right off where the white diamonds are. Yellow stones are equated with its standard colorless cousins. Sizes are another consideration. The heavier the weight gets the more expensive is its tagged price. When it comes to cuts, the most common one is the modified cut which helpfully combines the brilliant and step cuts. The shape is not given an importance since it does not affect the color.

A jewel that does not sparkle well probably has inclusions. Some blemishes when removed during the laboratory production will increase the shine and value of the final product. In cases when there is a need for cutting, it is essential to note that some cuttings may actually enhance color if an expert does the cutting. For those who have extra money and are thinking of investing it in a very solid investment, buying and selling these gemstones might just do the trick.

A good way to market such good investment is to place it in a beautiful setting that will allow the right light to shine through it. Since these are procured from reliable sources ask for certification and documentation. There are many ways to sell them. Ask friends if they would like to buy them. Some auction houses will sell them. Use the popular selling sites like Ebay and Amazon. Post on Craigslist. There are simply too many ways of selling these valuable jewels. Before thinking about marketing them. Remember to wait for 5 to 7 years before selling them since the prices almost doubles or triples.

It is not surprising to note that larger carat ones can fetch a higher priced in the market when sold. Lower carat ones will fetch a lower price. If choosing between carat and the quality of its cutting prioritize the latter. Judging the market behavior it is safe to say that these are ideal gems to invest in. Most of these shades are usually available from 2 carats and below. These are mostly polished pieces. In this case waiting to sell a few years more means good returns of investment. These are unlike some products that whose market is unpredictable. In fact it has a solid buying market.

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