How Fancy Pink Diamonds Became Popular

The word diamond alone evokes something rare and priceless. Jewelries made with these precious stones are considered to be tokens of great love.

People who like these fancy pink gemstones are generally conceived as incurable romantics. They have taken gift giving to the next level by gifting something that has everlasting beauty. In the deeper layers of the earth’s crust these precious gems were formed through extreme heat and pressure. Thanks to the normal volcanic eruption these stones were literally spewing out of the volcanoes. They remained dormant and covered with magma and lava but it was those miners in Argyle, South Africa who is credited for introducing naturally occurring fancy pink diamonds to the world and the rest as they say is history.

New research into the effects of lighting in these gemstones was conducted by scientists. These researchers used lights with narrow frequencies to create a bleaching effect on the color of these gems to understand how they are affected by light. They adjust the lighting to know which light removes the color and which light adds more depth. This study was conducted in response to the production of the Argyle mines. These researchers want to somehow solve the mystery of the changing fancy pinkish hues. Fancy Argyle Diamonds are said to miss some of the carbon atoms and the missing element is replaced by a different kind of element. 

At first people did not take notice of the first production of these rose colored stones. People have taken fancy and preferred colorless gems instead. The truth is that no two diamonds are the same. At first glance they may look like twins but they have different values. The value of this precious gem is dependent on its color, clarity, shape and weight. These stones are one of the hardest known substances to the common man but it can grow dull and damage when mishandled. Therefore proper care is needed. 

One practical way to care for these rocks is to avoid placing them together in a container that will scratch them together when they are moved. The best compartment is a jewelry box lined with fabric that has dividers. This will ensure that these gems will be safe from getting damage. Diamonds are bound to chip when mishandled. These precious rocks can grow dull because they come in contact with perspiration and cosmetics. If the owner uses Hairspray, he more these stones will grow dull and lifeless. Soap can also damage the color and brightness of these valuable gems.

Cleaning or polishing these gems must be done once a month. It is better to soak it in a little while in warm water with soap suds. Once a year it is advisable to take it to a professional jewelry cleaner. Never use heavy chemicals when cleaning these gems or they can get discolored. For older pieces it would be nice to take them to good and trustworthy jewelers for re-casting or converting into another piece of jewelry. Oh, the joys of seeing these jewels converted into different usable pieces. Choosing the right setting can bring forth its eternal beauty.