Black and White Diamond Engagement Rings

There is nothing as stunning as a black and white fancy colored diamond ring. In the past, black diamonds were considered of no value, but that has revolutionized in the past two decades.

The black diamonds are now considered unique. The dark color is not a product of impurities, as the crystal is formed, but a rather the presence of minerals such as hematite, sulfide or magnetite, which give the diamonds a magnetic ‘aura’.

The contrast portrayed in a ring with combinations of both black and white gemstones, is a timeless display, especially when the ring they are set on is made of silver, white gold or platinum. The use of ‘whiter’ precious metals is preferred, because it gives the set up a good background, which does not command attention from the stones. The use of white precious metals instead of yellow gold means that the rings are more affordable, while at the same time classic.

The designs of the rings can be as versatile as those who adorn them, the gemstones can pave set into a ring, or they can be set in a claw setting. This serves to enhance the drama. This means that your preference relies on your taste, as there is no set standard to rate how attractive a black and white ring is.

The method used to cut it goes a long way is determining how the stones are placed. Some people may ask the engraver to cut small ones, which are to be set in a pattern around a big emerald gem, which is cut to fit such colored stones. Another brightly colored one can also go as the centerpiece of the set up, with such ones on the edges. When desiring to shop online for such colored engagement rings or other color combinations that suit the ones.

When it comes to rating black stones, the four C’s do not really apply. You can look for how the color is distributed within the gem. The black diamonds can have inclusions on the surface, and the less the inclusions, the better the quality. The presence of minerals such as magnetite in the black stones makes them heavier than colorless gemstones, meaning that they need regular care for them to maintain their sparkle, and a long lifespan.

To clean it, start by rinsing it in hot water. After that, soak it in cleaning liquid, available at the local jewelry stores. After a couple of minutes, rub it with a flexible brush, making sure to clean all the exposed surfaces. Rinse it in hot water again, and then use a soft, clean cloth to polish it.

Before you buy a diamond ring, or any other diamond jewelry, make sure to do some research online to be acquainted with what to expect from the dealers. Visit a couple of online sites, where you will get the price quotations, so you can know the basics and avoid being ripped off. Ensure the dealer is accredited and reputable. This is due to some people that might sink as low as to dye the stones.