Factors to Consider While Buying Yellow Diamonds

Natural diamonds are obtained from pure carbon. They are usually crystallized by high temperatures and heat. Most crystals are not entirely pure, as too much impurity present in them.

The impurities are the ones that contribute to the different colors of the stones. Yellow diamond is the most common type of stone. The yellow color is usually due to the presence of nitrogen. If you are buying the yellow stone, you should consider several things.

GIA Diamonds Reports

Gemological Institute of America (GIA) is the body that is bestowed with the responsibility of grading and inspecting rocks and gemstones. After inspecting and grading the stones, the body gives a report that shows whether the gemstone is legitimate, or not. 

If you are considering buying any jewel, you should ensure that the jewel that you want to buy has a GIA report. If it does not have the report, ask the vendor if they are willing to submit the stone for a report. The grading process takes a short time (usually less than a few weeks and costs just a few hundred dollars).

When the report is ready, check it to ensure that the diamond is real and natural. On the same note, you should beware of certificates and reports that are from unknown labs and from the seller’s own business. The report and certificates obtained from these institutions may be biased and incorrect.

Different colors of the yellow diamonds

This is another factor for you should consider while buying the yellow gemstones. Just like any other gemstone, the yellow one comes in different color hues. The most common hues are golden like sunflower color and the light lemonade color. 

There is no right or wrong color to buy when considering about different colors. It all depends on the color that is most pleasing to you. However, some color hues such as the lemonade color is usually rarer, therefore it will cost you more than the other colors. 

You can easily determine the color using the GIA grading system. Most of them graded as W-X and Y-Z are usually lighter, and they make excellent choices for jewelry. The yellow ones that have deeper color than “Y-Z” grade are graded as “Fancies.” Fancy graded gemstones are usually much more costly. This is because they are usually rare to find.

Diamond design

Just like there are many colors, there are equally many designs that you can choose from. It all depends on your preferences. Some people like the difference of white metal or platinum in opposition to the yellow one, which makes the gemstone to “pop.” Other people like to have the stone having the yellow gold color. The design that you choose depends on you.


In addition to the above tips, you should also consider some other important things while buying yellow diamond. You should ensure that you buy the stone from a well-established and well-known dealer. Well-established dealers not only sell legitimate gemstones, but they also have the right to use cutters. In addition, the dealers have large diamond inventories. Therefore, it is easy to get what you want.