The Magic of Pink Diamonds

For centuries now it seems pink diamonds have mystified and seduce people in owning them. Back then such pieces were produced from India and Africa and they are still being produces there today.

Later on Western Australia has joined in the list of the world’s top producer of pink diamonds. According to experts the Argyle mine of Australia can only produce such fine pieces until 2018 what follows is uncertain. Miners can testify to the truth that since this mine has almost exhausted its supply the size becomes smaller and the color not as bright and shiny as before.

The basic rule of the precious stones economy is that rare pieces are more expensive especially those that come from nature and not from the laboratory. The fashion world trend also adds more prestige to the melee. This is quite true when famous celebrities were presented with their very own engagement rings with fancy color stones. This influences the prices of these treasures for the time being because of such events. When it comes to price ranges, pinkish hued stones belong to higher price range unlike affordable ones in shades of yellow and brown. 

Smart shoppers can take advantage of the eye catching effect even made by a small sized pink diamond. Debates were made until now which is more expensive than blue and pink diamonds. Up to now no one knows the answer to this. Jewels in the late 80s up to early 90s change the cutting of these stones to maximize its body color. World recognizable brand names in fashion such as Versace and Gucci have used colors and fashionistas want to take their experience on step further by wearing fashion accessories like these treasures to stand out from the average crowd. 

The public in particular has changed their perception of these treasures. They have recognized that these pinkish shade ones are here to stay and will increase its value a few years down the road. Even if the production of pink diamonds is still going on still there are only a few who can produce perfectly balance baby pink ones. It is for this reason that it is hard to pin down the price for varying shades of pinkish hue. The Argyle mine only produces one or two pieces of natural occurring ones which make these pieces so expensive. Another factor that determines its price is the shape. There are rare pieces in terms of cuts like Asscher and Emerald cuts. 

The future remains optimistically rosy for these treasures. Some rich people will continue to store their stones in vaults to sell or appreciate its increasing value over time. No wonder even in private auctions these fetch millions of dollars changing from one owner to the other at the drop of a hat. Even secondary champagne diamonds with a slight shade of pinkish hue will still command a great price in the market. Surprisingly most of the currently produced ones are not gaudy and big. The pink colors is what makes it stand out from the rest.