Why Are Fancy Yellow Diamonds So Popular Today?

fancy yellow diamond photo
Fancy Yellow diamonds have been gaining a huge popularity due to various reasons. One main attraction is the celebrity endorsements wearing yellow gemstones in various photos in magazines or television.

The rarest of yellow diamonds is the fancy vivid yellow diamonds, worn by different celebrities and popular people.

There are many celebrities being photographed wearing gems like Kimberly Buffington, Dennis Quaid’s girlfriend is a notable figure seen wearing yellow gemstones . Other women like Heidi Klum and Veronica Varekova also show off their fancy yellow diamond jewelry. Yellow gemstones are also popular among men and even famous celebrities are unexpectedly wearing them like Petr Nedved who wears colored gemstones that is quite a surprise. Producer Rodney Jenkins and many others have also shown their gemstones on screen. Celebrities love to adopt the rare and unique style hence yellow rocks are the perfect option for them to pose their ecstatic styling and monetary value as well.

Yellow ones are seldom found in mines with only about 0.001% of yellow rocks having proper yellow color are truly mined. Most yellow ones are manufactured and they are quite affordable and commonly available to those who want to have yellow rocks with less expenditure. You might not be able to differentiate between the mined and manufactured rocks unless you get it tested by an expert.

Popular Yellow Diamonds
Tiffany Yellow is the most popular jewel in the yellow jewels family. It was discovered in mid-1870s in the De Beers Mine, South Africa as per reports. When found, it has a weight of above 285 metric carats and had a shade of canary yellow. The appraisers valued Tiffany jewels at $12,000 in 1983 yet its value could not be verified without a proper examination from a major gem appraiser organization.

The Kimberly Octahedron is also a very popular and rare fancy yellow diamond discovered in 1964 in South Africa. It weighs around 616 carats. As of now, it is the biggest yellow diamond ever found.

Uses of Yellow Diamonds

Yellow ones are used for various kinds of jewelry that can envy your friends. The common jewelry is bracelets and rings whereas earrings are difficult to make, as it is nearly impossible to find the matching set due to the rarity of stone. If you are only fond of earrings, then it can be the best way to show off your love for yellow jewels.

It can also be gifted to someone special. Since gems are considered the most exquisite gift, they can be chosen as a surprise for your loved one. It can make the perfect gift for your spouse or girlfriend as an engagement ring. Diamond rings can be found easily but yellow gems will specifically be found in special stores where gems are available in a variety of colors.

The fancy yellow diamond is surely the most exclusive and valuable piece of jewel among all the gems of the world. Do not forget to do your own research to find the best place for buying such a precious item. By vesting the best website, you will be also educated about them. It is recommended to find a trustworthy dealer so they can help you offer the best items that will value your money.