Diacore Has Partnered in Ownership of Pink Star 59.6 Carat Fancy Vivid Pink Diamond

Pink Star 59.60 Carat Fancy Vivid Pink Diamond
Pink Star 59.60 Carat Fancy Vivid Pink Diamond

Sotheby's announced today: The multi-national company called Diacore and Mellen Inc. recently partenered in ownership of one of the world's most luxurious natural pieces of treasure: the unique PinkStar diamond, which is still the biggest perfect natural colored pink diamond that the G.I.A. has graded in history. 

The three entities have pitched in together to raise the $32.5 million and Sotheby's is still holding onto the stone in their inventory for safekeeping.

Nir Livnat, who is the head Chairman of the new partner owner of the PinkStar said that this diamond was over 130 carats when it was first found in nature and that it took two years to cut and polish into its current shape and form which is a certain masterpiece of nature and modern technology and art of the diamond trade. The diamond was cut down to 59.6 carats and is the only flawless vivid pink diamond of its size and shape.

David Bennett, International Chairman from Sotheby's says that there is high demand today for jewelry and diamonds of this kind, the new record sales in his sector are due to the high quality diamonds being offered for sale and that in recent years the market has seen the sale of the rarest stones ever seen in history.

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