Latest Diamond Technology to Reveal Four Huge Lab-Developed Diamonds at JCK Las Vegas

Blue Diamond, Lab Grown, Emerald Cut
Blue Diamond, Lab Grown
Emerald Cut
New Diamond Technology (NDT) which is a producer of lab-developed diamond, whose headquarters are in Russia, has declared that it is going to reveal four of the hugest lab-developed diamonds not previously seen until now. This will take place at JCK Las Vegas Show at its stall, beginning June 3 to 6, in 2016. 

Hong Kong’s International Gemological Institute (IGI) has licensed the stones. The firm is one of the best in the sector of lab-developed diamond, in regard to dimension, hue and clarity.
It is going to display a variety of stones of 1.00 to 4.00 ct., Elegant Blue colors and D-F; each is licensed by IGI.

The firm stated that the four hugest stones are inclusive of:
  • A stone which is emerald cut, of 5.27 cts that is VSI Elegant Deep Blue which it illustrates as the hugest blue Emerald Cut diamond in the globe, which is lab-developed.
  • A stone which is heart shaped, VVS1 Fancy Deep Blue of 5.26 cts believed to be the hugest blue heart shaped diamond which is lab-developed.
  • A clear heart shaped stone of Fancy cut (5.05 cts VS2 D) said to be the globe’s hugest clear Heart shaped diamond which is lab developed.
  • A circular cut diamond; circular 5.06 cts VS2 D – the globe’s hugest clear diamond that is lab developed (Round Brilliant Cut).
Tamazi Khikhinashvili, the President of NDT remarked, ‘We are excited because of the chance to show our exceptional diamonds in the course of JCK Las Vegas,’ remembering that the firm had taken the sector by surprise when it revealed a white diamond of 10.02 ct the previous year.

He also said that this shows that the market for man created diamond is developing, in regard to quantity and quality. This year at Basel, NDT featured what at the time was the hugest man-created emerald diamond (cut blue).

The co-CEO of IGI Worldwide, Marc Brauner stated that these four stones are going beyond barriers of any stones that are lab-developed, provided by NDT to IGI previously.

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