Pink Diamonds Facts

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A Mogul Emperor of India name Babur was the recipient of a fancy pink diamond. It was later sold at Christie’s Auction House for a whopping $7.5million in 1990.

This only proves that investing in such piece of precious bauble is worth the money. People have changed their investment strategy instead of saving money in the bank. They’d rather invest in something that will cost more in the future than the volatile stock market. Since this is a rare collectible item its value rises. Finding a buyer is not as easy but offering it to a famous jeweller is a smart move. Jewellers have their respective list of clientele who may be on the lookout for something as precious as these treasures. 

Those who work in Hollywood and are always in the limelight like top paid fashion models are good markets for this kind of goods. Cashing out goods through diamond investments have been one way for Chinese to escape from Indonesia. This is the same scenario encountered by those who live in such countries when social unrest pushes them to flee for their lives. They trade in their jewels for freedom. 

Talking about family investments, some parents give their child gifts like this for special occasions such as their daughter’s 18th birthday. For those who live in Spanish countries they give their child such precious gifts on her 15th birthday to culminate their daughter’s passage into womanhood. When it comes to relationships, women get a sense of security if given these valuable pieces. When choosing a good investment chooses something that can be worn during special occasions and not something that gathers dust inside its container. No wonder why women simply cannot get over for their attraction to these beauties. Words cannot express how beautiful these timeless and classical pink diamonds are. They are simply amazing!

Dresses in all styles and designs can easily complement the beauty of these precious baubles. No wonder the prices for these are forever increasing. One of the most popular cuts is the Princess cut. Although it has a simple treatment, its price is expensive. The prices for this piece range from $10,000 and above. Sapphires and Pink diamonds are both categorized under fancy gems. The prices for these gemstones are different as night and day. The latter is priced higher and the appeal is longer lasting as far as consumers are concerned.

Pink diamonds are considered as cousins not only to Sapphires but to rubies as well. Sapphires fall under pale to light red while a ruby falls under darker red. Pink diamonds however contain nitrogen. According to the buyer’s guide for these jewels, the rare ones can run up to millions of dollars. The price increases according to its size: the bigger it gets the pricier it gets. For those who are into future investing they usually purchase just the stones only. They offer these raw beauties as somewhat like a blank canvass waiting for the owner to choose a good setting to showcase its beauty.

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